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Helius Power is a campus recruiting platform helping employers hire more diverse and qualified candidates.

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We make campus
recruiting simple

We remove barriers to on-campus hiring within a virtual platform by automating the screening and assessing of diverse candidates using AI-powered messaging and hardware. You can think of us as the "matchmaker" of college recruiting.

Candidate Sourcing
AI Powered Messaging
Pre-screening & Qualifying

Purpose built for leading tech business & products.

Our automated alternative to virtual career fairs and job portals engages the 70% of the student body that is traditionally overlooked.

We partner with campus career services to give employers access to the full candidate database, opening up access and opportunity for a more diverse pool of candidates.

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All-in-one platform


We are constantly sourcing candidates in two ways: Via database access through partnerships with campus career services, & using on-campus charging kiosks. 

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We use AI powered messaging to engage, prescreen, and qualify candidates.

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Our proprietary cognitive skills testing measures four distinct attributes: Numerical, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Comprehension, and Attention to Detail.

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Say "goodbye" to the endless back-and-forth, and "hello" to simple integrated interview scheduling. 

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